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Meet Andrew and Dr. Carolle, the masterminds behind this amazing program!

We at Built Well™ for Birth have been changing the narrative on pregnancy fitness and outcomes since 2019. Our story is as unique as our natural training methods. A young fitness entrepreneur, and an internationally renowned OBGYN
combine to fill the void in the pregnancy health field.

We provide a one stop shop for all women and to support their continuous changes, physically and mentally.

Together we build strong Mamas.

It takes a village - and our village is the best!

Our partners lend a hand in the many other areas of motherhood.

We want to be your referral source for all of your pre/postnatal needs! Built Well™ for Birth wants to support mothers in all realms of motherhood. To those of you in the pregnancy or motherhood wellness field-- we want to partner with you!


The Built Well  Advisors

Bernadette Martinez


Nursing Advisor

Medical Education and Research



Don Phin, Esq.

Legal Advisor




Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat

Board-certified OB-GYN
Primary Care Specialist

Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Berenice Sanchez

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Research Study Lead





WeckMethod is an innovation company created to push the fitness industry forward. We develop proprietary products and athletic training which challenges norms, solves problems, and provides real world value with a focus on human improvement, not just exercise

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Robbins Nest Child Care Services

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Parent Consultant. A comprehensive approach to getting a better nights sleep with your child, without crying-it-out.


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The Built WellAffiliate Program

If you're interested in learning more about our referral and affiliate opportunities, please send us a message. Let's rise together!

The Built WellFoundation

Free, annual training vouchers for pre/post natal women in lower socioeconomic communities. We want this program accessible to every mother, particularly those who cannot afford it. By donating, we provide free training (live or online) to pregnant women who need it most. To learn more on how you can donate, please send us a message
1 voucher = $100 donation = free training for an entire year for one mother.

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